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Creative space that succeeds DNA of Tokyu Cultural Center

We succeed DNA of "Tokyu Cultural Center" which had an innovative influence on life of many people half a century ago and are composition space that aimed at connecting creative talent to society. Mainly on approximately 170 square meters of utility room "coats," we are comprised of museum art gallery work space, cafe which can overlook town of Shibuya, design shop. We aim at facility becoming hub of advertising production in Asia that people gather, and interchanges while carrying out a creative activity.

Hikarie Hall

The stage of presentation to spread through Shibuya Station direct connection, the world

It is event hall largest in Tokyo connected directly with Shibuya Station. Let alone using 1,000 square meters and 300 square meters of two halls alone, the integral use is possible. Large space of studding approximately 7m with the latest function supports fashion show, new product presentation, press release, meeting, seminar, exhibition, live, various needs including party. It is available as stage sending new news and entertainment that we made use of the information place of dispatch, potential of Shibuya in to the world.


Musical theater of the sky sky where the world pays attention to

It is highest possible musical Theater in the world of 1,972 seats of number of the seats becoming the core of Shibuya Hikarie. Luxury theater space of concept appears a feeling of floating there when we go up stairs while enjoying superb view from foyer of 70m above the ground. In seat in pursuit of "easiness of view" and "easiness of asking", we can sense force and impression of performance bodily with expression of dancer whom I see very well from any seat and movement of step, beautiful sound and sound thoroughly. In large theater of this sky sky, please enjoy the powerful charm of musical.