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About personal information protection in our PRIVACY POLICY site

Privacy Policy

Tokyu Corporation thinks with duty that it is important that we protect personal information of visitor carefully in deference to privacy policy. In our website www.hikarie.jp, we observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection and, according to policy to determine about privacy policy in corporate site of Tokyu Corporation, will practice the enforcement.

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About collection of personal information

In the case of inquiry from visitor, we acquire information offered to us by full name (including furigana), address, phone number (we include cell-phone), e-mail address (we include text message), occupation, company name, group name, visitor including information about other contact information.

About use purpose

We use to reply for inquiry and do not use personal information that had you provide us from visitor in the case of inquiry for the purpose of others.

About the handling such as personal information

We do not disclose personal information that had you provide from visitor for third party unless disclosure for third party was accepted according to the Personal Information Protection Law by the Personal Information Protection Law.

About personal information that had you provide from visitor

We cope only when we can confirm that the request depends on visitor when inquiry, confirmation, change, correction, suspension are hoped for. In addition, for confirmation of being the person, please note that visitor may give the presentation of identification card to.

About other personal information

  • In the coverage of this policy, our website is inner. Please confirm privacy protection policy of each website about privacy protection of other websites put link on by yourself from our website www.hikarie.jp.
  • Contents of this policy may revise as needed. In the case of the use, please confirm the latest contents of this page.
  • When visitor is performed inquiry of from our website, please let me handle as thing which had you agree about this policy.
  • About window, complaint, confirmation about privacy policy, to inquiry, please.