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About the site use

About the TOP / site use


In our WEB site, we give consideration for reading of information not to depend on use environment, but layouts (position of link and button) are slightly different and may be displayed other than the recommended browser.
※But all the displayed contents are the same.

Browser (browser)

It is use in Windows environment
More than Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 more than Firefox 11 more than Google Chrome 18
It is use in Macintosh (OSX) environment
More than Safari 5 more than Firefox 11 more than Google Chrome 18

About font

Our WEB site System Font "you can see comfortably.
"Very much" page, please be careful System Font as we may not be displayed definitely.


We use JavaScript in our WEB site. Please use as if being able to use JavaScript by setting of browser.
※In addition, please refer to computer shop of neighborhood or each maker for technical inquiry of PC as you cannot answer in Shibuya Hikarie.