Shibuya Hikarie

Development that succeeded DNA of Tokyu Cultural Center, and fixed its eyes on the former future for 100 years for 50 years

Shibuya is a multi-genre entertainment hub that gathers music, videos, art and fashion, as well as contents and value-creating companies. Filled with people’s energy, creativity and opportunities, Shibuya has always been setting trend and culture. In particular, the Tokyu Cultural Hall has proposed trend-setting lifestyle since its opening in 1956. Inheriting such DNA, Shibuya Hikarie aims to become a “platform for creation and communication of new values” as a symbolic tower of the constantly changing town, Shibuya. Featuring various functions as offices, shops and cultural facilities, including a theater, Shibuya Hikarie is more than just a complex facilities – it connects with the town and creates lively communication of people, things and information.

Tokyu Cultural Hall at the time of its opening

Space composition befitting of Shibuya’s communication hub

"Shibuya Hikarie" is located at the Shibuya Station east exit that is one of the most terminals where railroad 9 line runs in in high layer compound facility 34 stories above the ground and 4 stories underground in Japan. Of the past when it consisted of plural movie theaters including the Tokyo's first planetarium and groundbreaking large theater "Pantheon" and suggested the highest lifestyle
We succeed DNA of "Tokyu Cultural Center" and install about 2,000 seats of authentic musical theaters, event hall of 1,000 square meters and 300 square meters which is most suitable for high various events of characteristics to disseminate information of, ground "creative space" of expression of Aristrist full of talent in culture facility of middle class part. In addition, Tokyu Department Store produces commercial facilities becoming face of building. We arrange office for lofty part and have you enter company taking the next times and create new value in the whole building and aim at it being in base disseminating information of town.

Environment-friendly facility planning aimed at vitalization of entire Shibuya

Make use of the neighboring slope-formed topography, and "Shibuya Hikarie" forms walker network to connect in Shibuya Station and Meiji Dori, Miyamasuzaka, various towns directing individuality of street of Shibuya of the Aoyama areas and five floors, and last for the fourth floor of the ground from the third floor facilitating longitudinal movement of the basement; blow, and maintain space (Urban core).
Particularly, it is connected directly with Shibuya Station, and it raises convenience as traffic node of town, and it features to be plan for the purpose of activation of the whole town of Shibuya through creation of excursion characteristics and bustle with neighboring blocks. The building also boasts advanced environmental performance, such as natural ventilation for the adjacent Shibuya Station, and 30% of the total area is covered in green.

Exterior of Shibuya Hikarie

About the name and logo of Shibuya Hikarie

As high range of unprecedented new ideas compound facility, office, culture facility, commercial facilities were united, and "Shibuya Hikarie" was connected with town and said with will, "it was for light that lighted up the future from Shibuya, and turned the world from Shibuya" with "Shibuya Hikarie".
From naming called "Hikarie" (to light), we compared light with letter "Hikarie" and, in logo mark, expressed image that light rose, and color was based on bright gold which shined.

Project Overview

Address 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Floors 34 floors above ground, 4 underground floors
Height Approx. 182.5 m
Ground Area About 9,640m²
Floor Area About 144,000m²
Uses Shops, offices, cultural facilities, parking lot, etc.
Area by Use Commercial/about 32,000m²
Office/about 50,000m²
Culture facility/about 24,000m²
Other/about 38,000m²
Design Nikken Sekkei Ltd. ・
Tokyu Architects & Engineers joint venture
Construction Joint Venture by Tokyu Corporation and Taisei Corporation
Opening April 26, 2012
Organization Council for Promotion of the Shibuya New Cultural District Development Project
Tokyu, Tokyo Metro, TOHO Ltd., Tanaka Building, Kae Building company, hirazembiru